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IT Partners

IT Simply

New Zealand

We love helping our clients to build automated digital workflows. This improves accuracy and can reduce labour costs. Using Business Intelligence tools, we empower our clients to make evidence based decisions in real time with insights in to all aspects of their operations.

Sam Jones


Auckland/New Plymouth

At the heart of iT360 is a group of problem solvers who want to make a positive impact for small-to medium-sized Kiwi businesses with very specific technology needs. Since 1995, we have helped companies bring their vision to life by bringing in the right blend of smart solutions, people-centric approach, and expert delivery to help them run their businesses more efficiently.

Callum Galloway


Whanganui / New Plymouth

We partner with law firms throughout New Zealand to provide high quality IT infrastructure and user support. We specialise in cyber security consultation and training, IT infrastructure design and custom software creation. Our dedicated team of engineers work closely with our partners to deliver fast, reliable and secure IT support to enable smooth operation and education through a rapidly changing technological landscape.

Greg Nixon

Think Concepts

Auckland, Tauranga & Wellington

Think Concepts provides people-focused IT services for small to medium sized businesses. With extensive business IT support experience, we understand your IT system is an integral part of your business.

Matt Leigh

Kinetics Group

Auckland & Christchurch

Kinetics has been providing IT support and management to New Zealand clients for 25 years. We understand how important effective and reliable IT is to law firms. And we know how to help with pragmatic, reliable, and cost-effective solutions, tailored to your unique needs. We can provide adoption and change management, consultancy and management through with our advisory professionals

Scott Funnell

Nectar Group


Nectar Group provides managed IT services and consulting in Canterbury and wider New Zealand. Our primary focus is a business improvement and continual support of the applications and underlying infrastructure to achieve that. Nectar provides its services to any business that takes its technology seriously however our main verticals sit-in Law, Accounting, and Agriculture.

Daniel Doller

Accounts Partners

Legal Accounting Bureau


The team at LAB provide a comprehensive trust accounting service for small to medium sized law firms. Trusted professionals with over 30 years experience take all the stress out of managing your trust account.

Kathy Kell

Consulting Services

Efficient Practice


Efficient Practice is a consultancy set up by Lindie Walsh in 2019 helping firms with training, precedents, document automation, building workflows, paper light initiatives and general troubleshooting.

Lindie Walsh



For over 14 years our design and programming professionals have been creating templates and macros to meet your exact specifications through our customised programming service. Our ability to understand your business from a user's perspective sets us apart.

Leanne Bott

Custom Reports

IT Simply | Practice Intelligence

New Zealand

Practice Intelligence has been developed with law firms who want to get an up-to-date view of exactly what is happening in their firms - updated daily and always available insights.

Sam Jones


Whanganui / New Plymouth

The original developers of Infinitylaw, Greg and Kevin have teamed up to offer unsurpassed consultation services to firms throughout New Zealand and Australia. Leading the way with more than 50 years combined experience in Infinitylaw, Greg and Kevin can provide law firms with expert advice and consultation, custom reports and data consolidation.

Greg Nixon

Red Rain


The Red Rain team has over 100 years’ experience building custom reports for law firms. This means we can easily understand your business needs to create the report you need.

Stephen Butler

AML Auditors

AML Compliance Advisory Services

South Canterbury

ACAS can save you money. Using checklists and systems developed internally, ACAS can conduct your audit efficiently and effectively at extremely competitive rates. Using technology we can complete your audit remotely (provided we are able to gain remote access to your compliance officer systems) saving you the cost of travel for site visits.

Greg O’Brien

AML Assist


AML Assist provide AML audits throughout New Zealand to law firms, accounting practices and real estate agencies. As we specialise in these types of businesses, our audits focus on actual AML risks that you and your staff face. Our audits will make sense and will help you comply as efficiently as possible.

Craig Treder

Additional Services



Spinika is your law firms integrated client portal. Spinika will create efficiencies in your firm through the secure sharing of information and documents between you and your clients. Spinika will connect your service to your client’s desktop, tablet or mobile wherever they are connected.

Duncan Clark

Improve your firm’s profitability with an end-to-end practice management solution.